Who We Serve

The Department of Rehabilitation serves patients with impairments and disabilities in the areas of:
  • mobility
  • self-care
  • communications
  • swallowing and cognition;

The impairments may result from:
  • accidents
  • illnesses
  • natural causes.

These patients’ medical needs may range from simple to very complex, or may be chronic in nature.

Issues of endurance and safety, psychosocial, vocational and recreational needs are also addressed. Our rehabilitation team includes the patient and family members working together to restore the patient his or her community.

Meeting Expectations

State of the art facilities and treatment approaches combined with highly qualified and experienced therapists maximize performance and outcomes. 

These treatment approaches may include:
  • electro-therapy
  • cryotherapy
  • thermotherapy
  • VitalStim therapy to address swallowing deficits

We pride ourselves in providing:
  • highly qualified and experienced therapists
  • state-of -the-art equipment and modalities
  • your recovery and meeting your expectation by allowing your active participation in your treatment plan

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